About Nourishing Ritual

We are passionate believers in nourishment as ritual. With an emphasis on healing through the magic of food, we are on a journey of coming back to the simple joys and truths of life. We have both slowly evolved into pursuing a balanced and healthy lifestyle through food, connection to earth, community, movement, and gratitude. With a background in holistic nutrition and clinical herbalism, we have both spent time deepening our understanding of what the body, mind and soul needs to heal. Our individual journey’s brought us to the same truth: we find balance when we come back to the basics. Slowing down, eating whole foods, being present, connecting, and ultimately returning to nature’s rhythm.​


Molly + Carissa

Consciously Sourced + Local + Organic + Seasonal 

Nourishing Ritual is committed to high integrity and high quality to ensure the most nutritional benefits possible through the meals we prepare. We view food as medicine for our bodies and souls and believe cooking for others is a honor. Our intention is to deliver meals that fully nourish you and the planet.  Below are our values and guidelines when sourcing ingredients.
  • We use 100% organic ingredients

  • All meats are free-range or grass-fed and organic

  • All seafood is local and seasonal whenever possible and sustainably caught

  • Most of our vegetables and fruits come from the local farmers market, purchased on the day of cooking to ensure the freshest ingredients

  • We only cook with olive oil, coconut oil, ghee or butter and never use vegetable oil or other refined oils

  • We never use cane sugar or any other highly processed sugars like agave

  • All grains and beans are soaked and sprouted

  • All meals are made fresh

  • Everything is made homemade with love, down to the stocks for soups

  • Our menus match the season